Sci-fi Holographic Screens / Low Poly v1.4

Sci-fi Holographic Screens / Low Poly

Set of 25 low poly Sci-fi Projectors with Animated Holographic Screens. Enhance your environment with some action! Sci-fi, cyberpunk, industrial, urban, alien decor. There is always space for a quality hologram.

5 Metal Projectors.
2 Blank + 3 Design Screens for Each Projector.
Easily customizable and designed to be tinted with shaders to be any color.

Includes Prefabs of all objects + Example Scene.
Includes Animation script.
Includes a step-by-step Tutorial on how to add your own Design to Blank Sci-fi Screens and adjust the Script.
Optimized for Unity 5.

Projectors – Mobile Bumped Specular Material – 1024x1024px RGBA TGA Color+Specular maps + Normal maps

Screens – Particle Additive Materials – 1024x1024px TGA textures with an easily editable Animation Script.

Triangle Count:
Projector + Screen 01 – 228 tris
Projector + Screen 02 – 578 tris
Projector + Screen 03 – 264 tris
Projector + Screen 04 – 360 tris
Projector + Screen 05 – 196 tris

Asset version: 1.4
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