Modern City Pack

Modern City Pack

Modern City Pack is a collection of highly detailed buildings and props. The main goal was to create a spirit of New York City streets through the architecture and small details. Almost every building in the pack has it's own prototype in a real world.

Each building has a day and night version and a LOD, so it can be used with realtime day and night cycle. There is a bunch of street props and road parts with LODs too. Textures are high resolution (texture atlases are 1024x1024, 2048x2048, and big 4096x4096 sheets used for 5-10 buildings in same time, tileble textures such as bricks, concrete or metal are 512x512) with bump and specular materials.

Assets are pretty detailed so it is recommended to use for mid and high end PC.

Pack contains:
- 36 unique buildings, including 2 detailed interiors: player's apartment and gun store
- lot of street props (fenses, fire hydrants, pay phones, newspaper boxes, fuse boxes, trash cans with physics setup and so on)
- highly detailed road parts and sidewalks with different turns and crosses (texture sizes are 2048x2048)
- guns are made from parts and ready for animation
- lot of decals (graffiti, signs, posters)

Demo scenes are included.
Stay tuned for more assets end extra content.
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