Mini Legion Human HP v1.4

Mini Legion Human HP

Mini Legion Human HP – download Unity asset


- Mask Tint Shader for team color added.

- HD/LW SRP 100% supported.

- Optimized for mobile games(low poly), 1 2K texture and 1 unlit material for all 8 units.

- Various animations fully compatible with Mecanim Humanoid and Generic animation.

- Original Maya 2016 files with full rigs are included.

- Unified atlas textures(2048x2048) for all units. Unlit/Lit for Standard/HD/LW shader provided.


- Knight 577 Polycount(Tris).
- Horseman 694 Polycount(Tris)
- Footman 476 Polycount(Tris)
- Archer 562 Polycount(Tris)
- Mage 340 Polycount(Tris)
- Worker 542 Polycount(Tris)
- Griffin 612 Polycount(Tris)
- Siege Engine 578 Polycount(Tris)

Animation List

- Idle
- Attack01
- Attack02
- Victory
- Walk
- Run
- GetHit
- Die

Dungeon Mason proudly presents you Mini Legion Human HP pack. This light weight units will be suitable for any of your game projects spanning from mobile to PC desktop, but especially good for mobile RTS and MOBA game development.

If you have any questions or request, fire away your needs through the followings.

Asset version: 1.4
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