Modular Fantasy Stylized Human Female v1.0

Modular Fantasy Stylized Human Female

Modular Fantasy Stylized Human Female – download Unity asset

3 Different color materials for wide skin, armor and 4 Different color materials for hair, eye color customization included.

Modular parts are made via SkinnedMeshRenderer. To enable/disable mesh, you'll need to just check/uncheck it in.

This asset does not include any custom animations!
Humanoid Rig support included!

PBR Stylized Material:
-30 Handpainted Diffuse Maps
-7 Normal maps
-3 Opacity map for Eye color and Body material for armor wearing(Included in package, but it's setup is up to you)

Create your own style with:
-3 Base skin colors
-4 Base Hair & eye colors
-7 Hairstyles & Bald head
-Modular Equipment

Rigged: Yes
Humanoid Rig: Yes
Animated: No custom animations
Number of prefabs: 6 (3 with PC shader & 3 with Mobile shader)
Vertex count: 17,112
Triangle count: 33,374
Texture Resolutions: 2048x2048, 4096x4096, 512x512
Number of Textures: 40
Number of Materials: 46 (23 PC shader & 23 Mobile shader)

Asset version: 1.0
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