Medieval Castle Interior Game Level v3.0

Medieval Castle Interior Game Level

Medieval Castle Interior Game Level – download Unity asset

This is wide spaced high detailed AAA quality game level. It is good to make fantasy, Medieval and Pirates video games.

Level primarily designed for PC or consuls first or third person type games.

It is also good to make quality video clips.

Location with all props and objects - 1,252,471 polygons, 2,166,6850 triangles, 1,276,002 vertices.

Textures are in .TIF file format. (diffuse, normals, opacity and specular) resolution are 4096 x 4096, 2048x2048, 1024x1024and 512x512.

This is seamless interior environments game level. You can't change geometry of halls rooms corridors in Unity but all props and objects can be removed, replaced, and moved into another place. You can change all in 3D MAX, Maya, Blender... So this pack can be used as Medieval Envelopment construction KIT, where all objects can be used within another levels and locations in your game. Asset can be used with Free and Pro Unity versions as well.

There is demo scene included into pack.

Pack includes:

1. Medieval Castle seamless interior .
2. 55 Rooms, halls, sells, corridors...
3. 42 Main prefabs, every includes several objects and allows control on each level area.
4. 124 props prefabs
5. 7 Prefabs of trash object
6. 6 Animated door prefabs
7. 11 Statures prefabs
8. 5 Fire effect_prefabs
9. 18 Food prefabs
10. 43 Furniture objects prefabs
11. 68 Building objects prefabs
12. 24 Weapons prefabs
13. 171 props textures
14 1 Animated fire prefab with sprite tilled texture.
15. 5 Light prefabs
16. Demo scene
17. Simple character on capsule base prefab to walk in the scene

All collision types attached. (there are some objects like web, light effects have no collision and shadows casting.)

For better work follow and performance I made 3 custom layers: "lights", "props", "doors".

In Project Settings -> Quality tab please increase "Pixel Light Count" number to 40.

Asset version: 3.0
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