Monsters Ultimate Pack 01 Cute Series v1.0

Monsters Ultimate Pack 01 Cute Series

Monsters Ultimate Pack 01 Cute Series – download Unity asset

Cute Series 3D models are cute and easy to use. Most of them comes with 3 different evolution. 'Evolution 1' is the least evolved ( weaker) and 'Evolution 3' is the most evolved ( Most powerful). You can use it to show progression in your game! It's a good addition for games like Pokemon, Mario, casual / educational, tower defense, RPG games + more.

Monsters Ultimate Pack 01 Cute series

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This pack has 25 characters. The ultimate pack of monsters you need for your game! We have included the first batch of Cute series monsters (All 3 evolution forms!) in this pack. All character’s texture size is 2048 x 2048 ( set to 512 or below in Unity) and file format is in PNG or PSD. Most of the characters are using only 1 diffuse map. Some have 1 diffuse map and 1 emission map. They are using Unity’s standard shader. Rigged and animated. Generic mecanim rig set up.

Asset version: 1.0
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