DETAILED - Medieval Village v1.4.1.2

DETAILED - Medieval Village

DETAILED – Medieval Village – download Unity asset

Astrofish Games Presents -
The DETAILED - Medieval Village + [NEW]BLOCKOUT - Medieval Castle

A high detailed, modular, Medieval Fantasy Village environment kit.
As part of our DETAILED Environment Series.

With this pack you can: Forge your own bespoke buildings, design villages and blast down the foundations for a fantasy game fit for the current generation!

Full PBR textures. Pack designed for exteriors, can be used for interiors too!
This pack uses Standard Unity and only the Standard shader

This pack includes modular: Building, ground, prop, foliage prefabs and x3 demo scenes. We have also helped you get started by including pre-made building layers and full buildings.

All assets in the trailer and screenshots are included in the pack.

Key Features -
Models (x 200)
- Walls
- Roofs
- Windows
- Doors
- Fences
- Extensions
- Bridge
- Chimneys
- Platforms
- Iron fixtures
- Ground rocks
- Small foliage set

Building Layer Prefabs (x 50)
- Various levels and functional extensions

Complete Building Prefabs (x 20)
- Buildings made from individual prefabs or building layers

Demo Scenes (x 3)
- Large tightly packed village area, as seen in the trailer.
- Small scene as shown in the trailer
- Single house as shown in the trailer

Most assets have LOD's where appropriate.

With this preview pack you can: Prototype Castles! Concept your layouts. Explore the exterior and full interior of the demo Castle.
Swap this kit out for the DETAILED or POLY STYLE version when they are finished in the coming weeks.

Key points:
Most of the models in this kit should share the same GUID's as their counterparts in the full DETAILED and POLY STYLE versions. So you should be able to mostly swap out these models for those automatically on import.
These models do not have UV's.
These models are simple and do not require LODs

x327 models
x45 Buildings & Component prefabs
x19 Stairs & Platform prefabs
x3 Portcullis prefabs
x8 Rampart prefabs
x5 Internal/Side Staircase prefabs
x56 Turret Buildings & Components prefabs

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