Shirley: Anime-Style Character For Games And VRChat v1.0

Shirley: Anime-Style Character For Games And VRChat

Anime-Style Character for Games, VR, VRChat & Virtual You-tubing. Fully Rigged and setup as Humanoid with several Blendshapes for Facial Expressions.
Note: • Scythe is provided separately. You can use them by placing it in the hands of the character as you like. You can also activate or deactivate it as needed.
• The wings and the head ring are separate and can be turned on/off as required.
• Also, there are two hair textures, black and white. You can replace the hair and hairback material from black to white or vice-versa to change hair.

Character: Shirley

Sex: Female

Rig: Humanoid

Polygons: 61.9K

Vertices: 34.9K

Texture Resolution: 1K-2K Textures & 8K Texture Atlas

Texture Maps: Diffuse & Normal(For Some Textures)

Shader: Custom Shader (Cutout with Cull Off)

Facial Expressions: Facial Expressions are provided as Blendshapes (Shape keys). There are lots of Blendshapes for each Elements of the face which you can use to make any expression you like. Also contains Visemes Blendshapes required for lip-sync in VR programs.

Animations: Supports all kinds of Mixamo animations or any other Humanoid based animation.

Support: Unity 2018.1 & Above

Pipeline: Standard Only (For other pipelines such as LWRP or HDRP, kindly switch the Shader to one supported on that platform)

Asset version: 1.0
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