Simple Military - Cartoon War v1.35

Simple Military - Cartoon War

Simple Military - Cartoon War - download Unity asset

A Simple military asset pack with characters, vehicles, buildings, props and effects to add to our other Simple assets. Build an epic battlefield jam packed with action, This is our biggest pack yet!. Helicopters included by popular demand, follow us on the forum. Includes demo scene and full mecanim setup.
Includes a FPS Hand rig for First person games

20 Characters - 3 Variations each
Soldier01, FemaleSoldier, FemaleMedic, Medic, BombDisposal, GasMask Soldier, General, JungleCommando, Mercenary, Pilot, TrainingSoldier, SpecialForces01, SpecialForces02, SpecialForces03, SpecialForces04, GermanSoldier, Terrorist01, Terrorist02, Terrorist03 and EasternSoldier01.
Approx 300 tris
512x512 texture

12 Weapons
Pistol, AssultRifle01, AssultRifle02, Shotgun, SniperRifle, Rifle, SubMachineGun, RPG, Frag Grenade, Smoke Grenade, FlashBang and a MiniGun

13 Vehicles
Tank01, Tank02, APC01, APC02, Armored Car, Fuel Truck, Troop Truck01, Troop Truck01, Attack Helicopter, Transport Helicopter, Portable Radar, Medic truck

93 Environmental Prefabs
AmmoBoxes, ApartmentBuildingsDamaged, Barracks, Barrels, Barriers, MilitaryBuildings, Crates, DirtBoxes, Fences, FloodLights, FuelTanks, GroundAsphalt, GroundDirt, HeliPad, MetalBoxes, MinniGunStand, MissleLauncher, Mud huts,OfficeBuildingsDamaged, PalmTrees, PowerPole, RoadPieces, Rocks, RubblePiles, Sandbags, Speakers, Spools, StoreBuildingsDamaged, TankStop,Targets, Tents, TirePile, Walls, WallsDamaged, GuardTower and BrokenConcreteWalls.

39 Animations with mechanim setup
Idle, Walk, Run, Wave, Sitting, Wave, CheckWatch, WipeMouth, RunningJump, StandingJump, Falling, Death01, Death02, LeaningAgainstWall, Smoking, SexyDance, CrossArms, HandsOnHips, IdleCrossArms, IdleHandsOnHips, CrouchDown, CrouchIdle, CrouchUp, GrenadeThrow, Salute, HandgunShoot, HandgunReload, AutoSingleShot, AutoFullAutoShoot, AutoReload, SubMachineGun Single shot, SubMachineGunFullAutoShoot, SubMachineGunReload, ShotgunShoot, ShotgunReload, MiniGun shoot, MiniGun Idle, RifleShootReload and RPGShoot.

3 Effects
Fire, Smoke and Steam.

Asset version: 1.35
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