Realistic Car HD 02 v1.0

Realistic Car HD 02

Realistic Car HD 02 – download Unity asset

High detailed, customizable Realistic Car with fully textured interior and open-able 4 doors. Ready to use in Your game or visualization. This model has 4 LODs so it can be used for PC and mobile projects.

Technical Details:

Model has 4 LOD's:
-LOD0: 38670 tris
-LOD1: 20121 tris
-LOD2: 9521 tris
-LOD3: 5126 tris

Texture size:
-Body paint and parts: 2048
-Interior: 4096
-Wheels: 1024
-Lights Emissive: 1024

- Changed Design - It doesn't look 100% like any real life car.
- Compatible with Unity Vehicle.
- All materials using PBR Unity Standard shader. Albedo, metallic, smoothness, normal and occlusion textures included.
- Emissive texture for lights included.
- PSD source files included.
- You can make Your own custom painting for body using included PSD file.
- Clear and optimized geometry.
- Model is properly scaled and aligned along Z-axis.
- Fully textured Interior with emissive map.
- Right handed version of interior included.
- Separated and properly aligned four wheels, brake discs, brake calipers. Works perfectly with Unity Vehicle.
- Separated steering wheel and dashboard pointers. Ready to animate.
- separated glass.
-Separated 4 doors. Ready to animate.
-Separated Wind-shield Wipers. Ready to animate
- LOD's correctly implemented to all parts of the car.
- 8 Car prefabs ready to drive with different sets of materials.
- 10 wheel materials with different colours and metallic/smothness
- 8 Car Paint materials with different colours and metallic/smothness
- 2 Car parts materials (Chrome and black plastic details like grill etc.)
- 2 Interior materials ( Different Seats Colour)
- Car paint colour and smoothness can be customized.
- All materials, textures and other parts of package properly named.
- 2 Demo scenes included.

Asset version: 1.0
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