ZOMBIE PRO: MoCap Animation Pack v2.5

ZOMBIE PRO: MoCap Animation Pack

ZOMBIE PRO: MoCap Animation Pack – download Unity asset


Major Update: Rev. 2.7
115 New Animations and Features
All Animations Humanoid
All Animations Root Motion and In-Place
253 Animations, 12 Split Jumps - 518 Total Files

INCLUDING: Hyper Zombie Chases and Running, Jumping, Hyper-Attacks, On-Fire Variations and Deaths, Hits, Knock Backs, Crawling/Transitions, Standing Idles Variations, Walking, Slow Chasing, Directional Deaths, Reaching, Turns, and Shambles.

animations. We obtained and motion captured actual real Zombies in our studio! (No we didn't) Bring your undead game or CG project to life.

Technical Details

Includes documents with Tips on Avatars and Avatar Adjustments, and "Reference" root motion.

Major Rev. 2.7 Update
All Animations Humanoid
All Animations Root Motion and In-Place
Many New Animations - Please Download and read the entire Animation List!
New Short Loops, Attacks and Deaths - Many shorter truncated and looped variations, along with the original long performances.
New Attack Idles - New aggressive idles, with poses matching hyper-attacks.
New Turns and Looping Turns - Many new cleaner turns and loops, and quick 90 and 180 turning loops.
Hyper Chase Leaning CIR Turns - Realistic leaning into turns.
New Aggressive Hyper Chases - New FAST aggressive, scary running animations. You will need to fight, no outrunning these monsters.
New Split Jumps and Landings - Hyper Chase split jumps, with landings for all Hyper Attack idles. (see List and Sketchfab)
New Stabilized Root Motion with Single Axis and Single Speed, foreasier In-Place implementation and results - Erratic reference Root movement has been edited and removed for smooth motion in a single direction and single speed. Better results for Multiplayer use.
Detailed Animation List w/Documented Speed Cm/Sec - Please Download and read the entire Animation List!
All animations are .fbx format, standard fbx bone names.

Asset version: 2.5
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