2Handed Hammer Set v4.26

2Handed Hammer Set

2Handed Hammer Set – download Unreal Engine asset

2Handed Hammer Set is included +80 anims + 8 posesMain

Animation List :
7 attacks (4 combo)
2 1Handed attacks
1 buff
1 defense
2 equip/unequip
3 idle
9 hit
4 knockdown
4 avoid
1 Jump ( difference Z-axis)
8 move_run
8 move_walk
down, start, rise
3 dead
1 rise
2 90degree turn
2 180degree turn

The hammer is linked to the right hand, and the hammer has no animation. It caused minimizes the loss of animating in retargeting.
2-3 times the size of the monster than main character.
Appropriate attack signal before attack.
There is enough time after the asset's attack for player attack.

Asset version: 4.26
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