Outdoor Atmospheres Sound Effects Pack v2.0

Outdoor Atmospheres Sound Effects Pack

Outdoor Atmospheres Sound Effects Pack – download Unity asset

This large pack of Outdoor sounds includes a wide variety of loops to illustrate your different outdoor atmospheres. Over 60 different soundscapes, including mountain, desert, tundra, a wide variety of forests, swamp, snowy lands, but also fantasy atmospheres like dragon lands, ice lands, ever growing meadows and more. You will also find night and day versions for several environments, and separate layers from these atmospheres to re-create your own environments to your liking. A selection of animals, weather effects, forest elements and much more are also included to help you add more life to your sound atmospheres. In total, you will get more than 7 hours of sounds and atmospheres!!!

Note that all the sounds in this library are made from scratch and have all been created or recorded by myself. For this album, I did a lot of outdoor recordings, but also studio recordings like branches shaking, or icicle sounds, to give more life to my sounds. The better part of the work was to assemble the recordings and recreate as authentic and immersive atmospheres as possible.

Asset version: 2.0
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