Tycoon Terrain v2.3.0

Tycoon Terrain

Tycoon Terrain – free download Unity asset

Main features: - Runtime world gen and terraforming - Road systems with pathfinding - General grid pathfinding (roads and/or terrain) - Resource production/consumption Runtime world gen and terraforming

Do you also miss all those awesome tycoon- and city sim-games of old times?

This is a package that pays homage to all of them albeit in 3D and using Unitys terrain engine. If you ever thought of doing a remake or worthy successor of any of those games this asset should give you a running start.

Don't like 3D? No problem, you can use an orthographic camera and use isometric assets.


- World generation using the Diamond-Square algorithm for heightmaps and Perlin noise for vegetation.

- Terraforming at runtime like you remember it!

- A basic building system

- Buildings can be set on a per tile basis what the ground should be under them: flat, leaning, sea etc.

- Roads

- Trees that can be cut down and will regrow at a rate you set up in the inspector

- Example scene with resource generating buildings

Asset version: 2.3.0
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