Third Person Engine v1.22

Third Person Engine

Third Person Engine – download Unity asset

Third Person Engine is a most powerful and advanced third person character platform on the Asset Store. It's specially designed to create AAA games.

Main Gameplay Features
• A powerful and flexible system to customize character controller
• Powerful character camera cystem
• Fully mobile support
• Adaptive ragdoll system
• IK system, work automatically (no need to setup animations)
• Foot's IK
• Upper Body IK
• Hands IK
• Advanced footstep sound system
• Simple footstep sound system
• Physics based crouching system
• Physics based grabbing system
• Event trigger system
• Respwan manager
• Camera shake system
• Field of view camera system
• Sliding on the high surface System
• Health system
• Health regeneration system
• Health sound system
• Health velocity damage System
• Health camera effects System
• Damage effect system
• Screen fade effect system

Asset version: 1.22
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