Particle systems assets for Unity: fire, magic, environment and other

Azure[Sky] Dynamic Skybox

Azure[Sky] Dynamic Skybox v7.0.5

Northern Lights Pack

Northern Lights Pack v1.1.1

Treasure FX

Treasure FX v1.41

Living Particles

Living Particles v1.4b

Sci-Fi Effects

Sci-Fi Effects v2.2.1

InfiniCLOUD HDRP - URP, Volumetric clouds & particles

InfiniCLOUD HDRP - URP, Volumetric clouds & particles v1.5.2

Kitchen Cooking FX

Kitchen Cooking FX v1.1

Bullet Impact VFX and Bullet Hole Decals With Sounds

Bullet Impact VFX and Bullet Hole Decals With Sounds v1.6

Toon Projectiles 2

Toon Projectiles 2 v1.0

AAA Stylized Projectiles Vol.1

AAA Stylized Projectiles Vol.1 v2.5.0

Cartoon FX Remaster

Cartoon FX Remaster vR 1.1.1

Mesh Tracer

Mesh Tracer v2.2

Holo Cam Webcam

Holo Cam Webcam v1.0

Imagy VFX

Imagy VFX v1.4.5

Aura and Ground Effects

Aura and Ground Effects v1.0a

Anime Particles Pack

Anime Particles Pack v1.0.1

Sci-Fi VFX

Sci-Fi VFX v1.2.3.4

HQ Realistic explosions

HQ Realistic explosions v1.1.2

Portals package

Portals package v1.0.2

Fantastic Cartoon VFX

Fantastic Cartoon VFX v5.0.0

Fireball Prefabs

Fireball Prefabs v1.3.1

Realistic Snow and Fog FX

Realistic Snow and Fog FX v1.2

White mage spells

White mage spells v1.0

Rain and Snow Pack

Rain and Snow Pack v1.1