Imagy VFX v1.4.5

Imagy VFX

Imagy VFX – download Unity asset

The asset includes :
- 18 unique awesome effects;
- Demo scenes with the examples of the simple ability system;
- URP, HDRP, LWRP Support. (Without the distortion effect)

In order to upgrade to HDRP/URP you need to use RenderPipeline->UpgradeMaterials or HDRP/URP path (since Unity 2019.3.15)

The Hole in the ground from the ShadowHole effect doesn't in HDRP.

All shaders can be edited by using the Amplify Shader Editor.

Promo media (videos, images) uses the Post-Processing Stack by Unity Technologies.
Requires a GPU that supports shader model 3.0 or higher.

Asset version: 1.4.5
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    1. The file is not "Imagy VFX" it is "Variety Spells"
      1. Fixed, try now
    2. No download links disappointed_relieved
      1. Oh, click "Original Link: Unity Assetstore" to jump to the free link
      2. Fixed - check now