Toony Colors Pro 2 v2.7.3

Toony Colors Pro 2

Toony Colors Pro 2 is a collection of stylized shaders and tools. Download asset for Unity.

Making your Unity game stylized has never been so easy!

●● NEW in v2.4: Lightweight/Universal Render Pipelines support ●●

● Shader Generator Tool: create your own custom shader choosing among dozens of features
● Desktop/Mobile Versions of the Shaders
● PBS Version of the Shaders supporting Metallic and Specular workflows
● Water Template: generate your own stylized water shader with depth-based effects, reflections, and more
● Unified Material Inspector: selects the correct shader based on your settings
● Smoothed Normal Tool: fixes broken hard-edge outlines
● Texture Ramp Tool: easily create ramp textures and see the changes in real-time on your materials

See the documentation for more info!

Desktop/Mobile shaders features:
- Ramp Shading (manual or texture)
- Normal/Parallax mapping
- Specular (classic, PBR or cartoon)
- Reflection Cubemap/MatCap
- Reflection Probes (Unity 5 only)
- Rim Lighting/Rim Outline
- Colorable Outline
- Blended Outline

Extended features in the Shader Generator:
- Textured threshold (hand-painted shading)
- Subsurface Scattering
- Color Mask
- Sketch Overlay
- Dissolve
- Transparency
- Double-sided lighting
...and MUCH more!

Source code is fully included!

Asset version: 2.7.3
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