Lowpoly Substances v1.4.1

Lowpoly Substances

Lowpoly Substances – download Unity asset for free!

Lowpoly Substances is a set of shaders, materials and models that make stylized animations of fire and water (more substances to come). With Lowpoly Substances you can add stylish animated elements to your game without sacrificing performance.

Features include:
• Performance: vertex shaders are very fast, this way of animation is much faster than particles
• Cross-platform: the effects work on all platforms, including mobile and WebGL
• Easy integration: drop one of the included prefabs and you're done
• Customizable: animation shaders expose many parameters if you would like to change the animation
• Complete: the package includes different models of low-poly substances (and all additional models in demos)
• Flexible: the shaders and materials can be used on your own objects too
• Free updates

Asset version: 1.4.1
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