Shader Vegetation 3.0

Shader Vegetation 3.0

Shader Vegetation 3.0 – download Unity asset

Easy to set up and fast vegetation shader. Support for desktop and mobile. Use it for your plants or any other 3D model. Adjust the wind as you like and control it with a single slider. Use Occlusion Map for nice shading. Add a color map to create biomes. You can use one material for all plants, this will reduce the number of drawing calls. Made in Amplify Shader Editor, you can add or remove the functions you want.

Five shaders:
1. Vegetation Pro
2. Vegetation Fade
3. Vegetation Simple
4. Mobile Vegetation Fade
5. Mobile Vegetation Cutout

Supported maps: Diffuse, Normal Map, Smoothness Map, Occlusion Map (UV1), Occlusion Vertex (Alpha), Translucency Map, World Color Map.
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