FM COLOR v1.20


FM COLOR – download Unity asset for free!

FM COLOR is a full-screen image post processing effect that provides you an easy option to enhance your 3D scenes!

Let's make your game art with ease ;)

[New!] Render Pipeline support
- Experiment feature for URP & HDRP
- Core Effects are supported except Fog, Fresnel & Outline

[New!] Render Mode
- Simplified options in 3 modes: FULL, FAST, URP

- 90+ LUT Templates (customised LUT supported)
- Basic HSB
- Oil Paint Effect
- Pixel Art
- Fresnel Effect
- Fog Effect
- Grain Effect
- Vignette Effect
- Outline
- Lovely Demo Room is included
- FMColorFast (Light-Weight version for low-end mobile, without Depth related effects)

Device Test Reference:
# iPhone 6s: 60+ fps (stable)
# iPhone XS: 60+ fps (stable)
# Google Pixel 2: 60+ fps (Paint Effect: ~30+fps, (Paint FX in URP) ~50+fps)
# Oculus GO: 40+ fps (FMColorFast: 45+ fps, Paint Effect: ~25+fps)

*Please be noted that full screen paint effect may affect performance in low-end devices. You may consider FM POINTS for 3D Paint Brush & Point Cloud visualisation style, which use a light-weight rendering solution, can even run on iPhone 5(via WebGL mobile web browser) Youtube Demo*

Tested platforms: iOS / Android / Mac / PC / VR Headset / Oculus GO / WebGL2.0
Minimum Graphic API: OpenGLES3(or above) / Metal

Asset version: 1.20
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