Massive Clouds - Screen Space Volumetric Clouds v4.1.2

Massive Clouds - Screen Space Volumetric Clouds

Massive Clouds - Screen Space Volumetric Clouds - download Unity asset for free!

Make various clouds with Massive Clouds
Massive Clouds renders 3D clouds with volume rendering in screen space. More than 60 different presets are available and you can start using them right away. Of course, all the parameters can be customized freely, so you can create your own clouds to color the scene.

Supported environment
- Unity 2017.4 StandardRP / VR (MultiPass SinglePass)
- Unity 2018.3 StandardRP / LWRP / HDRP / VR (MultiPass SinglePass)
- Unity 2019.1 StandardRP / LWRP / LWRP VR
- Unity 2019.3 StandardRP / UniversalRP / UniversalRP VR / HDRP

- Unity 2020.3 Built-in Pipeline

※ Unity2020 or later, only built-in pipelines are supported.
※ HDRP works on Unity2019.3 with HDRP CustomPass
※ It is not compatible with Unity 2019.1 HDRP / VR
※ It works as PostProcessingStack V2 custom effect in LWRP (4.x / 5.x) / HDRP (4.x) environment before Untiy2018.x
※ Renderer Feature can be used in LWRP (6.5 or later) environment
※ The VR device has confirmed the operation with (Oculus Rift / Google VR)
※ Does not support VR Single Pass Instanced

Operational Verification Platform

- Windows (DirectX11)
- Mac (Metal / OpenGLCore)
- iOS (Metal)
- Android (OpenGL ES 3.0)
- WebGL2.0 (only compatible with Google Chrome)


- 3D cloud representation by volume rendering
- A wealth of presets (including for VFX and mobile)
- Horizontal rendering to cover the entire sky
- Drawing of cloud shadows (screen space)
- GodRay Representation by Volumetric Shadow
- VR compatible (Oculus Rift / Google VR)
- Automatic interlocking with AnbientProbe, DirectionalLight, FogColor
- 4 different rendering engine
- Load control with scaling function to reduce resolution only for drawing clouds
- Draw multiple layers of clouds
- Height Fog
- Scroll animation
- The clouds that can be dived
- Coloring by lamp texture
- Includes all script files
- Materialization with MassiveClouds MaterialExporter

Asset version: 4.1.2
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