Weather Maker - Unity Weather System, Sky, Water, Volumetric Clouds and Light v5.9.17

Weather Maker - Unity Weather System, Sky, Water, Volumetric Clouds and Light

Download Unity asset: Weather Maker - AAA Weather, Volumetric Fog, Volumetric Light, Sky and Audio Solution for 3D and 2D! Mobile and VR ready! No other asset matches the performance, price and feature set of Weather Maker.

Weather Maker is the most complete weather, terrain overlay and sky system for Unity. With both 2D and 3D modes, Weather Maker is the last asset you will need for weather, sky and more in your Unity app or game. Full C# source code and shader code is provided! Just drop a prefab in your scene and it's ready to go!

Weather Maker has been endlessly tuned for maximum performance. Other sky and weather assets use highly complex and inefficient shaders which will cause low FPS, especially on VR and mobile. Not Weather Maker. All shaders are heavily optimized even for low end platforms.

Weather effects include rain, snow, hail and sleet. Collision with scene is optional. Particle systems are lit properly by all lights in your scene. All weather effects fade cleanly both visual and audio to ensure a life-like and smooth experience. Wind is bundled as well and affects particles and trees. Sound dampening prefabs are provided to handle cases where the player goes inside.

Dynamic Environment
Weather Maker includes a full screen snow overlay effect. No need to buy an expensive and performance hungry terrain shader, just set your snow profile and be done with it. I'm planning on adding a wetness overlay in the next release.

Volumetric Fog and Lights
Volumetric fog is a full screen effect that has been tuned to run on the lowest end devices. No branching and ray-tracing and one draw call and the fog still looks amazing. A fog box prefab is also included. Volumetric light is supported for point, spot and directional lights as well. The main directional light (sun) even has a volumetric shadow option! Null fog zones are also provided. Other assets use slightly mad volumetric lighting which kills performance, but not Weather Maker. Fog + volumetric lights in ONE draw call!

VR, AR & Mobile Ready!
Weather Maker is fully VR/AR ready and has been tested with HTC Vive on Windows 10. Performance on mobile is great, but may require tuning some settings. One asset for desktop, VR/AR and mobile and performance is superb.

Color and Rendering Formats
Weather Maker supports HDR, non-HDR, Linear, Gamma, Deferred and Forward Rendering. No matter how you use it, Weather Maker just works.

Weather Maker contains a built in weather automation and weather profiles system. Every field of Weather Maker (or any script for that matter) can be automated. Rain and snow climates have been created for you, but you can create additional climates however you like. Storms, clouds, wind, rain and more transition in beautifully and seamlessly and look amazing.

Sound Manager
Weather Maker manages ambient and other sounds for you. All sounds fade in and out seamlessly and can run at different times of day (sunrise / sunset, dawn/dusk, or a specific hour range). You can create sounds zones throughout your scene or put one on top of your player for global sounds. Examples are provided and include crickets and owls at night, birds in the morning and general day ambient sounds.

Unity networking is built in out of the box. Weather profiles, weather manager and time of day are synced automatically. This can easily be disabled if you need a custom solution.

Sky Sphere
Weather Maker contains a heavily optimized, one draw call sky sphere that does night sky (with stars and twinkling), dawn / dusk and day in ONE draw call and no ray marching. Weather Maker runs smoothly even on low end mobile devices.

A full screen cloud effect is included for 3D. Unlike other assets which use ray-marching and lots of texture lookups, Weather Maker clouds render in almost no time and work even on mobile! The 2D clouds are rendered via particle system. Up to 4 cloud layers are possible with endless possibilities.

Thunder and lightning - Weather Maker comes bundled with a piece of Procedural Lightning to give you the best storm lightning on the Asset Store.

Asset version: 5.9.17
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