Uni Bullet Hell v1.5.3

Uni Bullet Hell

Uni Bullet Hell – download Unity asset

"Uni Bullet Hell" is 2D bullet hell's shot pattern system for Unity.

You can create various bullet patterns simply by adding script component of shot patterns.

*You can set 2D sprites or 3D models for bullet prefabs.

*Customizable a various bullet param in inspector.
bullet num, bullet speed, angle, accel speed, accel turn, pause and resume time, nWay, spiral num, call back, delay, random, paint, aim target, etc...

*Pooling system of bullet GameObject.

*Sample shot patterns of 57 kinds are included.

*X-Y axis and X-Z axis support.

*All script source file (C#) is included.

*Example scene of full game is included.

*Works on mobile (iOS, Android).

*Supports object pooling system of
"Core GameKit" or "Pool Boss"
(Dark Tonic Inc.)

Asset version: 1.5.3
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