Easy Collider Editor v6.0

Easy Collider Editor

Easy collider editor is designed to facilitate the creation of 3D primitive colliders. By using primitive colliders instead of mesh colliders, rigidbodies can be added to gameobjects to allow for physics interactions.

This tool allows for easy addition of multiple 3D primitive colliders on gameobjects by using simple and easy to use vertex selection tools. No more painfully adding, moving, and resizing colliders.

Use vertex selection to add box, sphere, capsule, and rotated box colliders to objects.

Version 3.0 includes a new improved UI, automatic handling of common problems, additional capsule generation method, improved warnings to users, additional toggles for including child meshes, creating colliders as a trigger, and options for collider attachment.
Minor 3.0.1 update fixes:
UI for attach to: toggles changed to enums to prevent confusion.
Fix for remove all colliders button not working as desired in certain situations

Asset version: 6.0
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