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DunGen allows you to procedurally generate a dungeon layout by piecing together hand-made rooms using a configurable set of rules.

This method provides all the benefits of a procedurally generated environment while giving you a lot of control over the end result and it avoids the common pitfall of proceudral content looking bland and obviously computer-generated.

DunGen's powerful controls let you design the flow of your dungeon. As an example, you can make a dungeon that is half castle, half graveyard, with a mini-boss in the middle and a boss room at the end.

Includes a simple top-down dungeon crawler sample project (Sample requires Unity 2019.1+)

- Design each room as you would any other scene. Assign doorways and watch DunGen piece them together
- Works in any perspective. 3D, 2D, 2.5D, top-down, first-person, third-person, side-on
- Procedural doesn't mean everything has to be random. Control the flow of your dungeon with an easy-to-use flow graph interface
- Full control over dungeon settings: length, branching factor and weights for each room type (plus many more configurable options)
- Supports multi-floor setups with no additional work. Just place doorways where they should be and DunGen handles the rest
- A variety of prop components for controlled-randomization of objects in your rooms
- Lock & Key system allows you to place locked doorways and matching keys throughout the dungeon layout (requires some programming to integrate with your own game)
- Supports runtime NavMesh generation
- Full source code included

Asset version: 2.13.1
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