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psai® Music Engine Pro

psai® Music Engine Pro – download Unity asset

psai® is the first dedicated Interactive Music Engine on Unity. It enables you to achieve highly interactive music which adapts automatically to your gameplay, whilst making the process of creating and controlling the music as easy and convenient as possible. No coding required.

• written 100% in C#, full source code included

• psai® Music Engine Pro includes the psai® Editor standalone application (currently only for MS Windows, see bottom of this page)

Need music?
If you need music, feel free to visit our partners at Their catalogue of high quality music is huge, prices are decent, licensing is very simple and transparent. Once you have chosen your tracks, please let them know that you want to receive psai-compatible music themes. The music will be prepared for psai-use WITHOUT any extra charge, you are being charged regular prices.

Runtime Features
• Adapt the music intensity level to the current game situation on-the-fly.
• Benefit from musical variety due to dynamic recombining of musical segments.
• Switch seamlessly between musical themes instead of crossfading harshly.
• Extend the play time of a musical theme for as long as needed.
• Built-in support for cut scenes and in-game menus
• Built-in support of musical priorities in common game situations. E.g. your battle music will always instantly interrupt your calm background music, not the other way around.
• Built-in support for automatic musical rests. Trigger your theme once and never worry about getting on the player’s nerves.

Integration & Authoring Features
• Control the mood and intensity of your in-game music by placing trigger events in your Unity Scene (drag & drop)
• Convenient ready-to-use trigger scripts included.
• If needed, add your own trigger scripts using our slim API.
• Use our free Unity Editor extension to assemble or tweak a soundtrack based on pre-authored themes .
• Use our standalone application to build your own soundtrack from scratch (Microsoft Windows only). The psai® Editor offers various features which support the convenient authoring of even very complex interactive soundtracks. It's available for psai® Music Engine Pro users.

Asset version: 1.7.3
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