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KINERACTIVE is a set of components which allow you to create complex Inverse Kinematic (IK) interactions by simple drag and drop methods. No programming or animations are required to set up high quality hand and foot interactions with the environment. Everything is done through the Unity Inspector and Hierarchy panels, allowing game designers, level designers, developers and artists to create immersive interactions with speed and ease. Now you can give your game that expensive AAA detail, without the AAA cost and time investment.

Create ‘VR-like’ hands for your first person, third person, or 2.5D game: Reach out and click buttons in a cockpit, or change gears in a car. Using no additional animations, pick up lanterns from the environment, strike enemies in specific locations to make the impact really connect, or aim your superhero’s palm based energy beam directly at enemies. Rotate door handles, press actual digits on a keypad, or hold onto walls as you peak around corners. Make hands move with gun recoil and much much more!

For VR platforms without hand motion tracking controls: use the KINERACTIVE framework to simulate the motion tracked hand experience. Look or aim at objects you want to grab, hold, press, hit or touch.

Turn complex controls into intuitive context based environmental interactions for your players: Your space ship might have over 100 functions - instead of mapping them out in ‘difficult to remember’ key mappings across the keyboard, you can use KINERACTIVE to create context based switches, dials and buttons. The player can simply look at them, and use one or two buttons to control the entire ship - with the avatar’s hands reaching out to press each button, to flick each switch, and to turn each dial. Not only does this make the game easier and more intuitive to play, it allows a complex PC game to become playable on game consoles and mobile VR, since extensive amounts of controls and functions can now work intuitively with a limited set of buttons on a game controller.

IK Platform Agnostic: use any IK solution you like. Unity has an excellent built in IK solution, however you are welcome to write your own, or use any of the ones available on the Unity Asset Store, now, or in the future. Swapping IK solutions can be done at any stage of the project with no additional changes required to the interactions you’ve already set up.

C# source code provided - allowing you to extend the current components.

Asset version: 1.11
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