Drag & Drop Pro v1.84

Drag & Drop Pro

Drag & Drop Pro – download Unity asset

Customizable plugin to make your own drag and drop system.
Implement your game UI, inventories, etc by using Drag & Drop Pro plugin.

All kinds of Unity UI elements can be used as an object or a panel.

Features :

- Full C# source code.

- Easy setup and well-written documentation.

- Mobile supported.

- Save system.

- More than 10 customization tools : Look at the screenshots please.

- Filter panels tool : To specify that which objects can drop on which panels.

- Multi Object tool : Allow to drop more than one object on a panel.

- Panel Object detection : To know which object is on the target panel.

- AI system : By using this, you can simulate the drag and drop system without user control.

- TextMesh Pro supported.

- Screen Space Camera & World Space Canvas render modes are supported.

- Events management.

- Demo scene included.

Some of new features have been shown in third video.

Unity 5 & Unity 2017 versions are supported.

Please note : This plugin isn't useful for dragging and dropping between the contents of a Scroll View or 3D objects.
Car & football (soccer) game assets that available in second video are not included.

Asset version: 1.84
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