Decal Master: Advanced Deferred Decals v1.24

Decal Master: Advanced Deferred Decals

Decal Master: Advanced Deferred Decals – download Unity asset

Decal Master is a powerful and user-friendly decal system for Unity.

Decal Placement Tool provides you with an easy-to-use workflow for putting decals on all types of surfaces in your game world.

Main features:
* PBR Decal Shader (albedo, normal, specular gloss, emission)
* Decal Placement Tool (place decals on any surface by mouse click)
* Does not require colliders for decals placing in Editor
* GPU Instancing
* Realtime frustum culling (rendering optimization)
* Sorting Order for each Decal
* Color option for each Decal
* UV Tiling and Offset option for each Decal
* Decal templates presets (Load, Save)
* Exclusion Mask (decals will not be projected onto selected layers)
* Spawn API and components
* Pool for faster decal spawn
* Runtime GPU Raycaster (no colliders required)
* GPURaycast to SkinnedMeshRenderer
* Terrain decals (blending by world position and terrain height)
* Scene preview support
* Easy-to-use
* Normals blending shader feature
* Amplify Shader Editor Decal Shader Template (BETA)

* Deferred rendering path on camera
* Command Buffer support
* Compute Shader support (Decal Placement Tool only)

Tested with Windows 10 DX11

Asset version: 1.24
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