MicroSplat - Runtime Procedural Texturing v3.53

MicroSplat - Runtime Procedural Texturing

MicroSplat - Runtime Procedural Texturing - download Unity asset for free!

The Runtime Procedural Texturing module for MicroSplat adds several new features to the MicroSplat framework.

This module adds automatic texturing to MicroSplat, allowing you to immediately texture your terrain based on height, slope, and noise functions. All operations are calculated right in the shader, allowing it to work at runtime. You can also bake the result back when you're done.

A non destructive workflow is also now available, where one of your textures is used to paint procedural texturing, and all other brushes paint their respective textures. This lets you easily paint paths and other details over the procedural texturing.

Features Added:

- Up to 32 procedural layers

- Each layer has curve based filters for height and slope, along with a maximum weight and noise function

- You can generate a cavity and erosion mask, and apply curve based filters to them for additional texturing power

- Layers can be filtered by a 'region mask', allowing you to use different rules in different areas of the terrain

- Intuitive and fast response- all calculations happen in realtime, so changes to the terrain or ruleset automatically update instantly.

- New Per-Texture properties for mapping a gradient tint, hue, or brightness value over the height of the terrain (can be used in non-procedural mode as well!)

- Non-Destructive workflow can be used to combine procedural texturing with traditional splat mapping, allowing you to paint roads and other details over the procedural texturing

- Results can be baked back to traditional splat maps for further editing

Asset version: 3.53
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