MicroSplat - Scatter v3.8.0

MicroSplat - Scatter

MicroSplat - Scatter - download Unity asset for free!

The Scatter module for MicroSplat adds several new features to the MicroSplat framework.

Features Added:

- Paint up to 32 additional texture onto your terrain, as detail masks and modifiers.

- Each texture can choose from several blend modes, allowing you to accumulate leaves onto a surface, or blend moss into an underlying textures.

- You can paint one or two layers of texture, allowing you to paint moss on the peaks of your rocks with leaves on top of the moss.

- You can filter how each texture is applied based on the height and slope of the underlying texture's data.

- A custom painter is used for painting these details, and a single custom format splat map is used for up to 32 textures.

Asset version: 3.8.0
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