Gaia 2 - Terrain & Scene Generator v2.2.3

Gaia 2 - Terrain & Scene Generator

Gaia 2 - Terrain & Scene Generator - download Unity asset for free!

After several man years of development we are proud to bring you Gaia 2. Gaia 2 is a huge improvement over Gaia 1, and to honour an old commitment and say thank you for being our customers we made it a FREE update!!

Welcome to GAIA 2, the all in one terrain and scene generation system for Unity that allows you to create stunning mobile, vr, desktop and console scenes in minutes!

GAIA 2 gives you the flexibility to go fully procedural or fully manual or somewhere in between and delivers simple, fast and pretty terra-forming, texturing, planting and placement using our sample assets or yours as you prefer.

While GAIA 2 is a terrain and scene generation system at heart, GAIA 2 also saves you time, money and heartache by automating the setup of your render pipeline, character, sounds, water, skies, post fx and lighting, so that you can be up and running around in your scene in minutes.

When you are ready to take your game or sim further, then we are hugely excited to be able to offer you the raw power of Gaia Pro! Gaia Pro extends on Gaia 2 in every way and adds more stamping and spawning options, over one hundred photogrametry enhanced assets and biomes, massive world support with non destructive editing and streaming, beautiful skies with time of day, weather with rain and snow that syncs with the vegetation and ground cover, spawnable birds, butterflies and pollen fx, location based sound fx and music, and so much more. We went all in to create the best integrated environmental solution on the store!

In addition to our own products the Gaia eXtensions system enables you to integrate other top assets into your scene with just a few clicks.

1. Gaia 2 is only compatible with Unity 2019.3+
2. Click here to learn how to upgrade your project from Gaia 1.

Gaia's Customers Say:
"Stunningly Well Designed Tools"
"This is by far the BEST of the BEST"
"Making the Very Hard, Very Easy"
"Finally, A Terrain Tool for Artists"
"Exceptional Product and Support!"

And with over 1000 5* ratings and 450+ written reviews, its no wonder GAIA is the most popular terrain system on the store!

With GAIA you will:
- Choose your world size;
- Choose your target quality (mobile, vr, desktop);
- Choose your target Biome (or even mix them!);
- Create your terrain either manually procedurally or both with a few clicks;
- Texture, plant, and populate your terrain with grasses, rocks, trees and farms;
- Choose whatever additional features you would like added, and;
- Add your player, water, screen shotter, skies, sounds and post fx with a click;
- And finally, just press play!

Key Features:
- Wizard driven simplicity;
- Automated pipeline installation & optimal setup;
- Stunning high performance water system;
- Mixed manual and procedural scene generation;
- Biome system - use our sample assets or make your own;
- Stamping system - mix and blend stamps to shape your terrain;
- Spawning system - procedurally texture, plant and populate;
- Sessioning system - backup and share sessions to reliably re-create scenes;
- Extension system - create, share and leverage other assets;
- Exporting system - bake and export lodded terrain meshes and textures;
- Points of interest - spawn farms, villages, cemeteries or whatever you can imagine;
- Vegetation shaders with sss, snow, location variation and world space cover;
- Take and share screen shots with the screen-shotting system;
- Set up your controller, sound, lighting, post fx and water with a click;
- Builtin, URP, & HDRP 7.2+ support;

Sample Assets Included:
We include the following samples for you to use in your own games:
- Assets from Gaia Pro by Procedural Worlds;
- Skies from Ambient Skies by Procedural Worlds;
- Sounds from Ambient Sounds by Procedural Worlds;
- 3D Low Poly Adventure from Synty Studios;
- 3D Village Exteriors Kit from 3DForge;
- Grasses from Turboscalpeur;
- Textures from NatureManufacture;

Feature Comparison:
Gaia 2 (powerful product, indie prices):
* Biomes
* Multi Tile Support
* GPU Accelerated Stamping
* GPU Accelerated Spawning
* Lighting, Post FX, Sound FX
* Built In, URP, HDRP Shaders
* Third Party Extensions
* Stackable Filtering

Gaia Pro (pro features, pro pricing)
* All of Gaia 2 PLUS:
* Massive World Creation Support
* Non Destructive Massive World Edit Support
* Massive World Streaming & Culling Support:
* Additional stamping & erosion operations
* Additional masking operations
* Mask exporting system
* Spawnable VFX system and assets
* Spawnable Sound FX system and assets:
* Integrated Weather System with rain and snow
* Time of Day Lighting System
* HQ Photogrametry Enhanced Biome Assets & Presets
* Multiple pre-configured biomes

Asset version: 2.2.3
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