Pro Radar Builder v2020.1.3

Pro Radar Builder

For VR games , if you are using screen space radar please treat the radar like a regular game object and make it a child of a UI component so that you can pin and position it to parts of the window. Default world to screen positioning code is not best for VR.

- internal pooling & Optimization module

PRO Radar Builder is an advanced editor tool which allows users to, ;WITHOUT CODING,CREATE:

-3D RADARS (world & screen space)

-MINIMAPS (world & screen space), (static or Realtime)

-TRACKING SYSTEMS (world & screen space)

- World AND screen space 3D Radar and tracking systems with 9 Point snapping
- Minimap creation module.

- Create real (static or realtime) minimap systems without coding.

-Treat the radar like any other object, scale it , rotate it , position it , make it a child.

- Single click to create radars

ZOOM and PAN INSIDE of the radar to look anywhere

- Use ANY material for blips

- use Sprite Blips

- Use Mesh Blips at different LODs

- Use Prefab Blips

- Height Tracking (tracking lines).

- Use Advanced rotation tracking

- Optional Blip Auto scaling functions

-Visualize Design

- Use Multiple culling zones

- Use Local or preset scale

- Easy layer assignment.

Just set it and forget it

- Generate unique blips representing object with specific tags.

- The System Uses Neither Unity UI nor IMGU, making it fast

- Allows for a wide array of objects objects, even particle effects to be simulated in the radar.

- Static minimaps, ideal for small static scenes.

- Realtime Minimap , ideal for large scenes / Open worlds.

- Advanced rotation re-targeting.

- Auto-scaling and options for always showing blips in the radar.

- Allows for a wide array of objects objects, even particle effects to be simulated in the radar.

What else you get
- Space ship model
- Space ship control script
- Space environment
- Radar templates as seen in the preview images
- Lens flare
- multiple blip sprites
- multiple radar design sprites
- multiple materials
- 1 skybox

- The 2D Radar System Uses Neither Unity UI nor IMGU
- Allows for 9 Point screen snapping
- MULTIPLE rotation tracking options
- Custom radar sprite rotation targeting
- Custom blip rotation targeting
- Prefab Blip support
- Sprite Blip Support
What you get
- Custom masking shaders
- multiple Blip sprites
- multiple Radar Sprites
- multiple example scenes
- Simple AI (just used in example scene to make objects move around on floor)
- Minimaps and Radars of any shape
- and more...

Asset version: 2020.1.3
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