"ArchViz" Explorer v4.24

"ArchViz" Explorer

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The ideal solution for showcasing and promoting large scale projects in an effective way. ArchViz Explorer comes with powerful Blueprints, filtering functionalities, a user-friendly interface, touch support and much more!


ArchViz Explorer will help you to communicate the key features of your design, by improving user engagement through interactive elements.

The product serves as a foundation for creating real-time 3D presentations of architecture, construction, product design and manufacturing projects.

Key Features:

Includes demonstration map which is showcasing all features.
Realistic Expansion for showcasing the use GIS content and dynamic sky.
Clean and well commented Blueprints.
User-friendly interface with widget animations, a compass and an image gallery.
Convenient navigation between interest points through UI lists, 3D labels and 3D volumes.
Orbital camera with smooth zoom and rotation.
Easy to customize (POI) Point of Interest actors.
Automatic category listing via actor tags.
Criteria: Filtering by surface, budget, room count, orientation and availability.
Trees and bushes with Pivot Painter 2 shader-animation.

Technical Details

▲ Update v1.6 - 10 Mar 2020

Added Section View Mode for hiding specific parts of the design.
It is now possible to change and save the availability of a unit during play.
POI’s are now referenced inside the game instance, which results in increased flexibility and performance gain.
Added Nighttime Lighting: Special materials for surrounding buildings and traffic. New Road, Light Pole and Skyglow Blueprints.
Added Popup Menu with Exit Button, which can be accessed from the company logo.
Fixed the rotation issue which appeared while in Idle Mode. UI actions will now reset the idle timer.
Improved touch controls for touchscreen and mobile devices.

Blueprints: 13

Widget Blueprints: 15

Meshes: 32

Materials and Material Functions: 26

Material Instances: 36

Textures: 93

Input: Mouse, Keyboard, Touch for Mobile and Touchscreen


Asset version: 4.24
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