Complete Menu System v4.27

Complete Menu System

Complete Menu System – download Unreal Engine asset

In this Complete Menu System you'll find a main menu for solo & multiplayer and an option menu composed of modifiable templates. All parameters are already configured and ready for use.

Here you will find a complete main menu for Create/Continue/Load your game, a multiplayer menu for Create/Join a server, a complete options menu with all parameters you need for your game. The widgets that you'll need to configure your controls, graphics, audio and gameplay settings are already pre-made and ready to use.

Easy to use and completely customizable, this asset is documented with comments and fully functional, the menu is ready to be integrated into a game.
Technical Details

Supported Input Devices: Keyboard, Mouse and Xbox 360 Gamepad.

List of features :

Fully compatible with Steam and the "Advanced Steam Sessions" plugin (Can be easily integrated).
Multi Language Support (English and French already included).
Complete game menu ready to use, no action needed.
Pre-made widgets, easy to customize.
Create, Continue, Load a game.
Create and Join a multiplayer server.
Pause menu with option menu.
Keyboard/Mouse and Gamepad, binding at runtime.
Graphic, Video and Audio setting, change at runtime.
Settings are saved on disk and re-applied when game start.
Blueprints and widgets allow you to change your settings (Control, Audio, Display, Graphic and Gameplay).
Create new Action/Axis mapping.
Create new Graphic/Display setting.
Create new Sound setting.
Create new Interface & Gameplay setting.
Rename for keybinding shortcut.
Clean Blueprint with comments.
Can block an input type (Example: only Gamepad).
Full Keyboard/Mouse and Gamepad support.

Technical Details :

Number of Function Library: 1
Number of Interface Blueprint: 1
Number of Controller: 1
Number of Character Blueprint: 1
Number of Blueprint: 3
Number of Widget Blueprint: 22
Number of Save Game Blueprint: 2
Number of Structure: 15
Number of Enumeration: 15
Number of Textures: 19
Number of Materials: 4
Number of Sound Mixer: 4
Number of Sound Class: 4
Number of Wave: 3
Number of Cue: 2
Number of Skeletal Mesh: 1

Asset version: 4.27
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