Portals Blueprint v4.25

Portals Blueprint

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Portals Blueprint – Connect two spacial locations with a portal

Full-transform portals, smoothly teleport and resize objects. Originally made for Unscher (a game in the 2018 Epic winter jam.) to give the impression of non-elucidian geometry or infinite stairs.

Multi level recursion added by Spencer Crapo

Updated v20

fixed/better seamless travel
can force lower portals quality for performance
supports more types of objects (and has beter interface+dispatcher)
various other fixes (custom instance mats on skelmesh, nudge on passing through a portal, PortalLineTrace)




Try it Out

Demo here:

Bonus content includes a wizard hat, a custom pawn who can walk on walls


Technical Details

you cannot smoothly push a large object through a portal with another large object (try this with cubes in the demo)
Performance heavy - though probably the fastest seamless portal system for UE4
A Portal can only recursively view its matching pair


Portal blueprint
Smooth transition through portal
position, direction, momentum, and scale transformed through portal
Compatible with Character and rigid body actors (should work for nearly anything that can overlap)
Wall Walking non-Character BP with portal-compatible third person camera (from Unscher)

Number of Blueprints: 2 (Portal and custom Pawn, though several others are included too)

Input: standard first person setup

Network Replicated: Portals work well, along with first-person character, but not the wall-walking pawn.

Supported Development Platforms: Windows - though expected to work fine on Linux and most other platforms

Supported Target Build Platforms: See above

VR Support: No

Important/Additional Notes: Must enable "Global Clip Plane" in project settings.

Asset version: 4.25
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