Combo - Command Sequence

Combo - Command Sequence

Allows you to create any command sequence you want. Numerous possibilities for timing and much more.


Combo System made by Dream Real that allows you to have any command sequence you want to create. By adding four event dispachers you create an array of possibilities of what you want to happen if:- You get all commands right;- You get a wrong command;- You want something to happen in-between hits;- Have control of what will happen in each hit.

Although Combo System usually is linked to fighting games, this is definitely not only for that. Create cheat codes, puzzles and many more cool things, your imagination is your best friend.
Technical Details

Number of Blueprints:

• (1) Blueprint Actor Component

• (1) Blueprint Actor

• (1) Example Blueprint.

List of Features:

A blueprint actor component that has three event dispatchers that let you have control of what will happen when:

• Each command is given correctly

• When the combo is finished

• When the player gives the wrong command

• When timing is off

Easy to set up in any blueprint.

Have full control of what commands need to be given, in the correct order and the timing needed between hits, or the time limit for the full combo

Intended Platform: Any

Platforms Tested: PC
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