Aquatic Surface

Aquatic Surface

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Advanced fully functional multi platform material-pack for water - over water surface, underwater, post-process volume, buoyancy, interactions and caustics.

Aquatic Surface is well optimized advanced material pack and blueprint that implements fully functional configurable and realistic water effects.


Water clip line effect
Underwater and over water surface and post-process volume
Translucency support for underwater particles and meshes
Three types of static reflection/refraction projections (box/spherical/planar)
Animated caustics based on decals
Buoyancy component
UV mapping, vertex color flow, and texture color flow maps
Over 100 parameters like translucency, fog depth, mapping, reflective, refraction, wet color.
Multiple material switches enable/disable some of the effects to increase quality/efficiency
Very fast and GPU friendly. 120-160 instructions depend on used effects.
Quality/Efficiency adjustment. cinematic (realistic reflections) and standard (static box projected cube-map)
Water edge/coast (not using the distance fields)
Sun and glittering effect on waves
Fast underwater and surface scattering and god rays
Implemented as the unlit translucent material
Water holes for boats
Fast physics based interactions
Character swimming implementation
Interaction particle splashes
Audio support
World origin location

Technical Details

Number of Blueprints: 7

Example Maps: 5 (reef, lake, pool, waste, ocean)

Master Materials: 8

Material Functions: 23

Material Instances: 30

Texture Resolutions:

16 128x128 (caustics animation)
5 512x512 (normalmaps)
1 64x64 (tools)

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows

Network Replicated: Yes

Open worlds: Yes (World Origin Location)
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