Advanced VR Framework V3_1 v4.25

Advanced VR Framework V3_1

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Advanced VR Framework V3_1

A complete VR framework to develop VR applications such as games, VR experiences, Architectural Viz or product presentations. Implementing a huge variety of VR functionalities such as level management, menus, interact objects, panels, maps, catalogs...

The Framework is created to provide a production ready foundation for any VR application.

Note. 3.x is only available 4.24+ (older supported versions are 2.1)

Level Management

Dynamic Panel based Level Selection
Loading & Transitions
Centralized Options/Parameter Management

VR Controls

Modular highly configurable component based VR controllers including: VR Hands, Motion Controller, Radial Menu, Laser Pointer, Direct Pointer, Teleporter, Movement, SmartWatch.


Grabbing: PickUp, Throw, Rotate Objects
Dragging: Pressing buttons, Drawers, Doors, Levers, Valves, Sliders
Snapping & Anchor system
Gaze View

Selection Menu System

Animated dynamic and interactive 3D menus for direct object interaction

Exchange object, Show info panel, Change color, Toggle light, Change material, Open/close, Play/pause, Delete.
Technical Details

Because the framework is in ongoing, active development, there is so much I wanted to show you, I honestly don´t know where to start... A great way to see the latest things we are working on is our YouTube channel -

Widget Based Control Interface

Realtime Minimap System (2D and 3D)
Object Dropper


Paint Brush (Whiteboard + 3D)
Photo Camera w. Photo Gallery and 3D photos
Flashlight, Guns, Swords, Glasses, Hats
Measurement Tool
Functional 3D Keyboard and Numpad


Spectator and Camera System (Control avatar on PC while one person is in VR)
Fully Functional Non-VR Pawn


353 blueprints
18 structs
104 widgets
19 interfaces
22 levels

Platforms tested:

Mac (only community tested)
HTC Vive/Pro, Oculus Rift/S/Oculus Quest/Index
Our Community uses basically every VR Headset out there. Ask them on Discord if you have specific questions.

Asset version: 4.25
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    1. Can u add the Low Poly FPS Pack pls ?