Pushable Actor v4.24-4.26

Pushable Actor

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Pushable Actor – Ready to use actor pushing blueprint for the Third Person Template.

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Change up game play by using this fully configurable push actor. Customize each individual push actor as desired including push speed, mesh, gravity, camera angles, and many additional features. Made entirely in blueprint to allow easy customization and creation of sub-classes.

This push actor supports movement in all directions with directional movement animations and idle animations. It also supports the use of Unreal Engine’s IK system to closely match the hands to custom meshes.
Technical Details

Pushable Actor does not support - Physics based movement - Mobile device input - Elevator movement – Does not conform to inclines

• Number of blueprints: 4

• Intended platform: Desktop / Xbox / PlayStation

• Platforms tested: Windows

Asset List:

• 4 Blueprint actors

o Push Actor Blueprint

o Push Actor Increment Blueprint

o Push Character Blueprint

o Push Character Animation Blueprint

• 12 Pushing animations – 3 for each direction of various speeds

• 3 Idle animations

• 8 Diagonal Pushing Animations – 2 for each direction of various speeds

• 3 Shoulder Pushing Animations for low objects – 2 for movement & 1 idle

• 4 User Interface Textures - Keyboard and console icon

Push Character:

• Supports Third Person Characters

• Minimal content created within the character blueprint for easy merging

• Allows use of either the character or push actor camera during use

Push Actor:

• Push actor that supports easy sub-actor creation and modification

• Full in-depth customization per push instance

• Swap out the push mesh with a custom static mesh of any size


• Number of animations: 26

• Animation types: In-place

• Maya LT source files included

• Idle animation and 2 variations to break up long pauses

• Completed animation blueprint for the Third Person Template

Asset version: 4.24-4.26
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