Infinity Weather v4.26

Infinity Weather

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Infinity Weather is a powerful and efficient system of weather control for Unreal Engine.


configurable displacement capture blueprint
top-down projection of displacements rendered using shape definition in the shader (sphere, capsule, box, cylinder, decal, trace-sphere)
skeletal mesh displacement supports
interface for easy integration with all types of actors
area of displacement move dynamically with the actor or camera
time-based accumulation of snow
displacements can be used for multiple other effects (like grass interaction)
displacement material functions ( snow, mud, sand, grass)
small world texture (1024x1024) can handle even 150x150m area


two materials with fast dynamic switching between material permutations
post-process effects (raindrops, frozen, sharpen/blur)
pre-translucent effects (rain circles, heat haze, experimental glitter)
reacts dynamically on weather conditions
supports character and sequencer camera


notify based footsteps detection system
example footstep types (SFX, VFX) snow, rain, mud
physics material support
configurable footstep component adjustable per character
footstep volumes with priorities and conditional spawning


defined effects snow, rain, dust, hail
GPU friendly and efficient, implemented on single material and mesh.
up to 65000 particles per emitter with high performance
occlusion maps
crossfade wind and rain sound effects

Technical Details


basic example materials (snow, mud, sand)
advanced landscape material prepared for mixing displacement and dynamic weather.
virtual texturing and layered landscape materials.
multiple example ground layers (rock, grass, mud, sand)


weather controller actor
spherical volumetric fog area and atmosphere and temperature
weather surface material function (snow/wet layer)
spline-based rainbow mesh with camera facing,
water puddle decal
directional light clouds shadow reacts on wind direction.
wind reactive effects like precipitation, ground dust, flag, trees, bushes, grass, emitters
example maps: Snow, Sand, Rain, World
character reaction to strong wind

Asset version: 4.26
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