Third Person Template [Remastered] v3

Third Person Template [Remastered] v3

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Third Person Template [Remastered] v3

An enhanced Third Person template, made simple for your convenience. Leap into a professionally made template for Third Person games, and gain full access to properly configured Smooth animations, Menus and more! Currently Single Player only. [100%BP]

Mr. Hans Hauser Bosch welcomes you to the Third Person Template Remastered (TPTR). This template is packed with features, allowing for a AAA game feel without the strenuous process of having to make it functional yourself. No longer do you have to be concerned about having a vast number of animations. No longer do you have to fret about making your game feel professionally made. Thanks to the Powerful Data Driven AnimBP, the developer requires the least amount of animation sequences to be used and implemented. TPTR dynamically recycles animations to deliver a selection of character states (hard landing, etc). TPTR also provides a variety of parameters, giving your game the ability to be fully portrayed with the look and feel that you want.

Get a jump-start on your game project with proper map tool-set, an integrated Real-Time main menu, fully arranged settings menu, and a functioning pause menu.

Never has game development felt easier.
Technical Details

The following features are included in Third Person Template Remastered:

Main Menu, Settings Menu (Gameplay, Controls and Graphics), and Pause Menu.
Two fully functional and riveting maps.
Rigged to Epic Skeleton.
Data Driven AnimBP w/ IK Implementation and Ragdoll (Animation Count: 8 & Animation Type: In place). IK is integrated on all states: Idle, Walking, Sprinting and Crouching.
Includes Camera Effects (i.e. Sprinting Camera Shake), Sound Effects (i.e. Foot Steps) and Particle Effects (i.e Glass Shatter).
Smooth Movement is properly defined, and interpolated for a high-end result.
For the ultimate game experience (for players), TPTR has an already enabled Camera Side Switch, fully customize-able to the dev's liking.
TPT Remastered is properly equipped with a Camera Change View system, allowing the developers to alter the number of Camera Change Cycles (and the distance change within each cycle).
Regular Ragdoll Physics is included, as well as Explosive Ragdoll Physics.
59 Different Character Parameters to play with and to suit your creative needs!
Character and Object transparency functions included to prevent clipping with the camera.
and more!

Supported Platforms: Windows (will continue expanding)

UPDATED: Added full Project.
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    1. It doesn't work, the download only have the manifest and when you put the folder in the launcher vault, it doesn't let you create the project please fix
    2. doesn't work ..... missing all file in rar
    3. Guys, you need old launcher for downloading by manifest. Google help you. Say thx to new Epic Games politics
      1. You can't use old launcher since it's going to update automatically when you open it, instead of the manifest you can post the content folder with everything in it, so we just have to copy it in our project, but thanks anyway
        1. I installed an old version in windows sandbox and the app started updating immediately.
          So the lexus solution does not work.
          Unfortunately, I have not transferred many assets to a project.
    4. All manifest files that worked recently no longer work.
      I tried to find a solution in google as you noted. But I can't find it.
      Only found an old msi. (EpicInstaller-10.19.2.msi)
      Can you share a link where I can find the solution.

    5. Not working. Please upload full content of this template. Manifest files not working