Simple Orbit Manager v4.25/4.26

Simple Orbit Manager

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Simple Orbit Manager: Fast and easy moving objects with orbits. Supports Meshes and Actors.

The Simple Orbit Manager (in short: SOM) generates Orbits for your Actors and Meshes. Create Orbits manually and attach your Planet or Object to it, or let it generate a random amount of orbits for your Actors or Meshes.
Technical Details


Orbit Movement and Object Rotation
Oval Orbits and Orbit Offset
Randomized Spawners for Static Meshes and Actor Classes
Multiple Orbits supported
Indicator for Orbits. This can be disabled on the BP Instance.

Number of Blueprints: 6

BP_SOM_Base: This is the base blueprint class which contains most of the functionalities.
BP_SOM_ActorConnector: A small Blueprint that simply connects 2 Actors in your World.
BP_SOM_ActorOrbit: Adds Orbits with Actor Reference.
BP_SOM_MeshOrbit: Adds Orbits with a Static Mesh. (Uses Instancing)
BP_SOM_RandomActorOrbitSpawner: Generates randomized Orbits with an Actor Class.
BP_SOM_RandomMeshOrbitSpawner: Generates randomized Orbits with a Static Mesh (Uses Instancing)

Password: 327878844.GAME-ASSET.9878293934872

Asset version: 4.25/4.26
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