Planet Creator 2 V2

Planet Creator 2 V2

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Planet Creator 2 V2: A versatile Blueprint to create gas planets.


Update 1 (July 11 2020)

Parameters are controlled by the blueprint.

This is the last asset pack of the planet creator series. Planet creator 2, version 2 allows you to create highly detailed gas planets by simply dragging and dropping the planet Blueprint into your scene. It also gives you a lot of customization options with plenty of parameters.

The master Material used to create the planet surface is realized 100% procedurally: no Textures have been used nor external files. The Material used to create the atmosphere creates a physically based algorithm, which shows an accurate reproduction of light scattering. However, I did not make the atmosphere truly volumetric in order to save some fps; in addition you can set the number of steps in which the scattering is calculated to reduce the load even more. The rings Material is made with a masked subsurface script: I did not use a translucent Material because shadows did not display correctly. With this setup and using a stationary light source, shadows on the rings and on the planet are visible from any distance.

The master Material realizes the "gas planet" effect using macro functions that create separate stripe zones. There are three main stripe zones: equator, tropics, and poles, plus a fourth zone to simulate deep cloud stripes, which gives more details. Each stripe zone has its own properties and can be modified independently from one another. These properties include stripe frequency, clouds size and shape, wind force, color selection, distribution, and shadows size and strength.
Technical Details

Blueprints: 1

Materials: 3

Material functions: 6

Material instances: 13

Maps: 13

Static Meshes: 2
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