First Person Horror Template

First Person Horror Template

First Person Horror Template – download Unreal Engine asset

A feature complete template to allow you to jump start your horror game production and reduce your game development cycle by providing the basics for a modern horror game. The template is intended for first-person perspective, but may be adapted for use in third-person games.

Major features:

- Flashlight Mechanics - Battery drain, zoom, brightness relative to battery energy, deployable viewmodel.

- Interactable Physics - Physics objects are able to be picked up and thrown, as well as making appropriate sounds when they hit an object.

- Note System - A note system that allows the player to read information that is displayed on the HUD, currently only supports texture displayed images.

- Player Mechanics - Adjust the crouch height, walk, sprint or crouch movement speeds, player health and stamina along with regeneration and drainage rates

- Player Movement Mechanics - Crouching, sprinting, slow walking, ladder climbing, panting and heart sound effects as indicators for low stamina and health.

- Other Interactive Items - Doors, buttons, lights, radios, drawers, glowsticks, ect.

- Demo environment - Included is a dark bunker environment to give you some content to work with.

AI is currently not included due to lack of resources, but may be available in the future.


Edited: Because of the age of this blueprint, support is very limited.
Technical Details
Number of Blueprints: 29
List of Features :
• Player Footsteps with physical materials
• Headbob
• Sprinting [with stamina regeneration]
• Crouching
• Leaning
• Ladder
• Flashlight [ battery drain, zoom, brightness]
• Interactable Physics [pick up objects and throw them, impact sounds]
• Interactive Items [doors, buttons, glowsticks, radios, ect]
• Note System [pick up and read notes, displayed on HUD]
• Stamina and Health indicator [panting when low on stamina, heart beat on low health]
• Demo Level
Intended Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, PS4, Xbox One
Platforms Tested: Windows, Mac
Documentation Included: No
Important\Additional Notes:
*Singleplayer Only
*Not tested with a VR headset
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