Hover Car System v4.26

Hover Car System

Hover Car System – fancy and easy to use hover vehicle system: download Unreal Engine asset

Update (Dec 2018): I fixed some bugs, made code improvements, added no-gravity and "stick to surface" modes to the car, better structured code and some minor changes. A new tutorial will soon follow.

The Hover Car System is an easy to use System to create physically based hovering vehicles of all kinds. It was build with performance and usability in mind to allow for easy implementation in your projects.

You can easily use your own meshes with this system.

This pack includes an AI-Controller and a spline based navigation-system for hovering vehicles.

Technical Details


optimized physics based movement
Spline-Track Blueprint + AIController included
supports static and animated skeletal meshes
easy to adjust and implement into your project. (fancy construction script)
supports no gravity and "stick to surface" modes.
AI race game demo map included.

Number of Blueprints: 6 Total

2 Hover Car BP ( 1 base + 1 effects)
2 Hover Component BP ( 1 base + 1 effects)
1 Spline-Track BP
1 AIController

Meshes: 6 Static Meshes Total

1 Low-Poly Hover Car
2 Foliage Meshes
3 Particle System Meshes

Materials: 18 Total

10 Master Materials
8 Material Instances


7 Textures (~8,8 MB)


2 Landscapes (no build light data)

Supported Development Platforms: (PC)

Supported Target Build Platforms: (PC, Console)

Important/Additional Notes:

*The Unreal physics system get's to it's limits when it comes to very high actor speeds or very low framerates. In this cases you might get inaccurate results.

Asset version: 4.26
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