Visual Novel Framework - Full System v4.26

Visual Novel Framework - Full System

Visual Novel Framework – Full System – download Unreal Engine asset

This framework provides a full visual novel system with choices, conditional branching, a layered character system, and much more.

Combine the power of UE4 with the narrative depth of a visual novel! This VN Framework provides a full visual novel system that can be integrated with your 3D or 2D environments and gameplay.

These Blueprints have already been used for published games and result from the efforts of Woodsy Studio, which has been building visual novels in UE4 for approximately 2 years. This system is designed to handle large-scale scripts with branching, choices, level changes, and more.

I know what it's like to write a script as a simple document and then go through the painful process of converting it to code. This framework vastly simplifies that process. You just have to convert your script into a spreadsheet, then upload it as a datatable. After that, you can take full advantage of the VN Framework to add animated characters, cinematic camera angles, and more to your scenes!

Technical Details


Flexible scene system using datatables
Includes instructions of how to convert your external scripts into usable .csv files
Ability to branch scenes based on conditions
Voice acting can easily be inserted into scenes as Sound Cues
Characters can spawn in 3D space OR display in a UMG widget
Complex, flexible choice system
Automatically tracks and saves player choices
Stats can be tracked relative to choices made
Supports cycling choices so player can see more than one option
Supports nested choices (a choice within a choice!)
Characters can contain several layers for dynamic use (hair, mouth, clothes, etc.)
Change character costumes and hair as story progresses
Saving and Loading system
Animated blinking and mouth movement (even in UMG widgets!)
Auto Mode
Supports skipping or rolling back through text
Allows you to easily add dynamic camera angles to your scenes, such as character closeups
Includes a basic menu system with gamepad functionality
Options for text speed, text size, and audio levels
Change levels and sublevels between scenes
Full Gallery system to display CG illustrations and unlock them as player progresses
Persistent data that can be used for CGs and more

Asset version: 4.26
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