Smart Projectile v4.26

Smart Projectile

Smart Projectile – download Unreal Engine asset

100% Blueprint based solution for guns of any type. This method allows high precision shot with very low performance cost. Multiplayer ready! Smart Projectile is a great solution when it comes to shots. This is an actor component what you can add to your weapon blueprint or to your character blueprint. It's based on the player camera position so you have to get a reference to the player camera. With a simple collision sphere you can also enable to check your muzzle position for walls and also give you the ability to use it in third person perspective or for vehicles if you want. With update v1.1 you find a child actor class for tpp based characters which automatically calculate the hit location from the camera based on the gun muzzle position like common games that also do.

- Bullet Drop
- Bullet Penetration
- Custom Bullet Velocity
- Custom Damage
- Custom „Gravity“
- Surface type based impact sound spawn system
- Surface type based impact particle spawn system
- Surface type based bullet modification
- Muzzle collision check (if enabled)
- Niagara and Cascade support
- Niagara Projectile beam effect included

Asset version: 4.26
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