Advanced Tactical-based System v4.26

Advanced Tactical-based System

Advanced Tactical-based System – download Unreal Engine asset

Tactical-base prototype with full free movement and dynamic cover system in real-time

This product provides all the basic components needed to start making your own turn based strategy or turn based tactics game with free movement around the map. Which makes it possible to integrate on almost any map.

There is also the possibility of movement on the grid. That contains both square and hexagonal grids.

Technical Details


Provides most complete solution
Full free movement on the level (nav mesh and nav links)
Possibility of movement on the grid
Dynamic cover system (real time)
Dynamic preview targets in point destination (real time)
Trajectory for the grenade with calculate collision
Reloading weapon
3 types of drawing the trajectory of movement of the NPC

(smooth line, linear line, A-B point) with numerous settings

Melee attack
Range attack with different attack ranges for pistols and rifles
Camera control manager with anu settings
Target selection
and much more

Asset version: 4.26
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